Six Flags Fiesta Texas : Steepest dive roller coaster

Prepare, daredevils – another crazy ride going to the US vows to give an elating encounter to riders.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas has reported its arrangements to make a big appearance Dr Diabolical’s Cliffhanger, which it says will be the world’s steepest plunge thrill ride.

The new exciting ride arrives at statures of 15 stories and will fall riders face-first down a 95-degree drop into the 150-foot (45.7m) jump. It has 2501 feet (762m) of track and furthermore includes a second 75-foot, close vertical drop.

“With eight extraordinary components including emotional reversals and outrageous broadcast appointment, it will immediately turn into a fan top pick,” park president Jeffrey Siebert said in an articulation.

Dr Diabolical’s Cliffhanger is booked for a 2022 presentation during the 30th commemoration of the San Antonio amusement park.

One of the components of the ride is called an Immelmann reversal, where riders will enter a half-circle, then, at that point a half contort, prior to leaving the stage the other way with a 180-degree turn.

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The ride will arrive at rates of 60mph (96.5kmh). The crazy ride has three 21-traveler trains.

In any case, who is Dr Diabolical? Riders will find out about the DC Comics character while in line, where the trepidations will start.

“They will be drenched in her shrewd journey to make threatening animals to terrify the world,” Six Flags said. “To give her manifestations life, Dr Diabolical developed a machine to catch the pith of human adrenaline and dread.”

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