Smriti Irani targeted the Congress, asked- Who wants the party to benefit from the breach in PM Modi’s security?

New Delhi: The BJP on Wednesday accused the Congress government in Punjab of deliberately ignoring the security threat to Prime Minister Narendra Modi despite being informed by state police personnel, and asked which of the opposition parties sought to profit from the violations. Of. Union minister and BJP leader Smriti Irani cited a sting conducted by a new channel, which allegedly showed some Punjab Police officials saying they had asked their seniors to block protesters blocking the route of PM Modi’s convoy. but reportedly no action was taken. Addressing a press conference, he said that what is extremely worrying is that Punjab Police officials have highlighted how they are consistently working with the Congress government and administration in Punjab for the safety of the PM and his passage. exposes the danger. The question is, get exposed. Who in the Congress-led government in Punjab deliberately ignored these threats to the PM’s security? ( bjp target congress)

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Who wants to benefit Congress?

He asked who wants to benefit the Congress by breaching Modi’s security? Irani said the then DGP of Punjab had given a clear message to PM Modi’s security team and wondered why they did it. He also hit out at Congress over Punjab Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi’s statement that he had also informed party leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra about the developments and questioned the Congress general secretary for doing so as a private citizen. Irani asked why is he a private citizen interested party in the matter of Prime Minister’s security? Chief Minister Channi often targets the prime minister over the BJP’s concerted campaign against him over an alleged security threat, accusing Congress leaders of minimizing such a serious matter.

Formation of a panel to probe (bjp target congress)

PM Modi’s visit to Punjab on January 5 was put on hold as he was stuck on the flyover for 20 minutes due to the blockade by the protesters. After a security lapse, PM Modi’s convoy decided to return without attending an event at a martyr’s memorial in Hussainiwala. The Prime Minister could not even attend a rally in Ferozepur. Channi has insisted that there is no threat to Modi. The Congress has suggested that the decision to curtail the Prime Minister’s visit was due to his alleged low attendance at the rally. The Supreme Court has constituted a panel to probe the entire incident. ( bjp target congress)

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