Social tension: the Government relaunches a plan to connect with work but does not foresee a universal salary

Zabaleta motorizes the Empower Work to complement the SMVM environment with jobs; In the short term it is not foreseen to advance with the idea of ​​Grabois; tension between social movements and La Cámpora

“What is missing is work.” The claim of the social movements that orbit close to the Government shows more and more impatience, both in the street and indoors, in official offices. But the Government does not plan to launch new programs for now, nor promote a “universal salary” as claimed by Juan Grabois.At least not in the short term. With the arrival of the new Minister of Social Development, Juan Zabaleta, the idea is to re-promote Work Enhancement, the program that is ahybrid between state assistance and labor inclusion, but that it was halfway through the pandemic.

This was assured to LA NACION by three important officials aware of what will come in social matters. “In the short termWe are going to continue with the Empowerment of Work by adding jobs, always through cooperatives and associativism . And in the long term we hope that the formal economy will absorb the greatest employment as the recovery continues, ”an important collaborator of the President with an office in the Casa Rosada told this medium.

The social movements agglutinated in the Union of Workers of the Popular Economy (UTEP), made up of the groups most closely related to the Frente de Todos (and which is advancing to achieve union status), seek tomaintain a leading role in the conversion “from attendance to work”that the Government promises for the post-pandemic. “We want a universal salary to alleviate poverty andrelaunch Empower Work through cooperativesToday there is no small public work that has as its protagonist the social organization andthat creates tension” An important social leader told PNC with dialogue with the Casa Rosada.

To contain the allies of the government coalition, the Casa Rosada warns that It will not do without the intermediation of social organizations. “We believe in the role of the social economy. It starts from there. But what excites us the most is that in the long term it is the formal economy and the private sector that most demand jobs, ”remarked another official close to the President.


Social movements disdain policies like the Alimentar Card and demand work for the popular economy, instead of welfare policies. Grabois, leader of the Excluded Workers Movement (MTE) – which in 2020 had presented the President with the Comprehensive Human Development Plan or “Creole Marshall Plan” – this year he began to insistently demand a Universal Basic Salary (SBU).

According to the Grabois plan, the SBU would cover the age group between 18 and 64 that does not receive the Universal Child Allowance or retirements or pensions. It would encompass 8.5 million people with a permanent income ofabout $ 8000,equivalent to one third of the minimum wage, vital and mobile (SMVM), with a ceiling established by the value of the Basic Food Basket (CBA). The proposal contemplates unify other social plans under that figure.

From other organizations, such as the Evita Movement, they emphasize that the idea of ​​Grabois “is a debate that must be given.” But the government it does not have in the pipeline to advance with the SBU in the short term. “You have to listen to all the requests,” they limit themselves to saying in Fernández’s cabinet.

Zabaleta, at the request of the President, will undertake to re-promote the Empower Work plan, inherited from the administration of Daniel Arroyo, which has some 890,000 registrants who receive half SMVM, an income that requires four hours of work in return in productive, community or socio-labor projects. The new minister assured that the kickoff was given last Thursday when he announced the measure so that some 250,000 temporary harvest workers can maintain their social benefits while they work. “It is going to advance with the Empower Work in different areas in which the payment of the SMVM medium was, but it was necessary to complement it with the work,” they told LA NACION near Zabaleta.

Increasing tension
Although since he took office last Tuesday, Zabaleta has already held various conversations with social leaders, it is expected that this week he will hold a meeting with the UTEP led by Esteban “Gringo” Castro . It would be the first formal meeting after the massive San Cayetano march where groups related to the ruling party (Movimiento Evita, Somos-Barrios de Pie, the MTE and the CCC) made their criticisms of the Government visible as they had not done before.

“We hope to have a productive relationship with Juanchi as we had with Arroyo, but the path is made by walking ”said an important UTEP reference.

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Zabaleta must lead a ministry divided between different sectors of the ruling party with territorial power. The tension between UTEP and La Cámpora -both with positions in Social Development- is becoming increasingly palpable. This week, the Minister of Development of the Buenos Aires Community and a reference camper, Andrés Larroque, said:”I am not of the idea of ​​forming a ‘union of the poor’, but to go to an economy that contains our entire population. ” Grabois picked up the glove. “When you say that the UTEP is a union of the pooryou reproduce the denigrating stereotype that gorillas promote “he replied.

After the crossing, Larroque redoubled the bet. In radio statements he launched: “Although they want to associate them with Peronism, the plans are a drag on neoliberalism. It was always our idea that people do not have to eat in canteens, that their income is associated with a task and there is no discretion for a right to be resolved by the State ”.

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