The beneficiaries of the Progresar scholarships are expanded: what are the requirements and how to enroll

The Progresar scholarships are an economic contribution with conditions of enrollment, attendance and academic performance. Each youth receives $ 5,677 per month in 12 installments. 80% is charged through ANSES every month and the remaining 20% ​​at the end of the period.

The announcement will be made this afternoon by President Alberto Fernández, in an act that he will share with the head of ANSES, Fernanda Raverta, and the Minister of Education, Jaime Perczyk, among other officials.

The program aims to assist students in a “vulnerable situation” who are studying primary, secondary, tertiary or university.

What are the requirements to access the Progresar Scholarships

Although they will be extended to 16 and 17-year-olds, so far the requirements to access the Progresar scholarships at the mandatory level (primary and secondary) are the following:

  • Be a student between the ages of 18 and 24 (now it will be extended from 16 years)
  • Be a student or regular student of an educational institution.
  • The income of the family group of the applicants must be up to three minimum wages, vital and mobile (SMVyM).

How to carry out the procedure to access the Progresar Scholarships

  1. When the registration for any of the Progresar Scholarship options is opened, the interested party can do so from the website of the Ministry of Education and ANSES, or through the Progresar + APP, which allows not only to register for the program but also to make inquiries and access information.
  2. It is expected for the next few days that the registration for the new stage will be enabled.
    The record of the academic offer available for this line of scholarships is made by the National Institute of Technological Education (INET). The courses available for each call are those considered priority taking into account each region. The options can be accessed through the INET website that contains the catalog.

The complete schedule of ANSES payments for the Progresar Scholarships of December 2021

While defining when the next stage begins, ANSES pays this week the amounts corresponding to the current Progresar Scholarships, both for compulsory, tertiary or higher education.

According to the detail released by the Ministry of Education, the recipients of financial aid receive the following schedule:

  • DNI ending in 0 and 1: Friday, December 10.
  • DNI ending in 2 and 3: Monday, December 13.
  • DNI ending in 4 and 5: Tuesday, December 14.
  • DNI ending in 6 and 7: Wednesday, December 15.
  • DNI ending in 8 and 9: Thursday, December 16.

scholarships progress

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