The response of journalist Flavio Azzaro after being exposed in full Ballon d’Or gala: “I would not apologize to Lionel Messi”

The image of the Argentine journalist Flavio Azzaro as a critic of Lionel Messi at the prime time of the Ballon d’Or gala that the Argentine won was one of the moments of the ceremony that was held in Paris. “For Messi to leave the National Team (…) Messi never made the Argentine National Team win important games,” he exclaimed in a program he participated in in 2018.

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Of course, that segment broadcast to the world left him exposed in the full triumph of Lionel Messi with his seventh Ballon d’Or in hand, mainly thanks to what he did with the National Team that won the Copa América last July. Asked about the weight that those words have today and about the escrache of which he was the protagonist, he exclaimed in the program Polémica en el Bar, on América TV:

“I’m not going to ask Messi for forgiveness”

“Not asking for forgiveness. Asking for forgiveness is a lot ”, considered the communicator. “If I come across him I say ‘hey, jerk, I was angry'”.

In the context of his discharge, Azzaro explained: “That was after Argentina lost to Croatia in the World Cup in Russia, which for me was Messi’s worst match in the Argentine National Team, and I felt that the National Team was very messide-dependent. and that he could not take care of all that, that the pressure was very strong “.

In addition, he commented: “Messi was not at his best in that World Cup, he had missed a penalty in the first game, he had played very badly in the second, and I was critical because I am like that, I do not consider myself a guy who is going to deny of my essence. My essence is to be a critical, hot guy and at that moment Messi was not playing the way it seemed to me that he had to play ”.

In this part of his speech, the statement considered himself a victim of FIFA: “What I do believe is that it is easier to put myself, that I am an anti-system, than to put all the journalists who work at ESPN, which is the that the gala broadcast ”.

For Flavio Azzaro, Messi will think that he is a jerk

The other texts of the journalist in his defense after appearing as a critic of Lionel Messi at the Ballon d’Or Gala:

  • “I imagine that if it is on Messi’s side, he will think: ‘Look what this idiot said’, which is what I would say instead. “
  • “As every time you criticize you and you think that criticism is ruthless, you would understand perfectly.”
  • “Later is what I said: I don’t have much more to contribute. I said it because I was sorry, because I was angry because Argentina was being left out of the World Cup in the first round at that time, because for me, Messi was playing terrible ”.
  • “And because clearly, just as today I think that he is a kid who shows another attitude, we could say another leadership, but he may not feel that way, he may believe that it was always the same.”
  • “And the truth is that if there is something that does not bother me in life, it is to recognize when I change my mind, which does not mean the same as admitting mistakes. In other words, if one day I think one thing and at the same time I think another, I have no problem because it is part of life to change your mind, and because apart from that it is not the same to do a program after a game ends than to do it later, calm down. , when a match ends ”.
  • “Afterwards, that they chose me alone, it may have a connotation behind because the friend who speaks says that all the journalists criticized Messi, which is not true because not all criticized him. There are many colleagues who always saw this, it happened to me that in the last two years I felt that he has another way of facing situations, positive and negative. I feel more mature, but it is what it seems to me ”.
  • “But the same thing happens to not all people. We don’t all have to be in love with someone. There are people who reach you and people who do not reach you. Messi did not reach me And today it seems to me that he is a guy who clearly, after having grown up too, after having traveled a lot, who has given a lot to the National Team after winning the Copa América. He has been giving a lot to Argentina more than to the National Team ”.

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