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The Prime Minister went on a tour of Punjab and his convoy got stuck in a jam on the flyover at one place., where 15-20 After a minute’s pause, the Prime Minister returned. What is the need to make a narrative of threat to the life of the Prime Minister from this incident?, Do the Central Government and the BJP really feel that the Charanjit Singh Channi government of the state had hatched a conspiracy to kill the Prime Minister and the Prime Minister by chance returned safely from there?, Was this a conspiracy by Pakistan and China?, All nonsense. No conspiracy is based on coincidences. The decision of the Prime Minister to go to Ferozepur by road was either a coincidence or a deliberate decision of the Prime Minister and his team, so where did the talk of another’s conspiracy come from in this?, Was the state government compelled them to go for a rally by road or did the state government compel their convoy to go through this route?, Did the farmers attack when the Prime Minister’s convoy reached near the flyover?, throw stones, Nothing like this happened.

A bigger lapse in the security of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has already happened. There was a big lapse in his security twice in West Bengal. Once during the meeting, there was a stampede in the crowd and people broke the security cordon and started moving towards the stage. Then the Prime Minister had to shorten the speech and only 20 After finishing the speech within minutes, the SPG team took him out of there. This event is February 2 2019 When the Prime Minister had gone to campaign for the Lok Sabha elections. a year before that 2018 When the Prime Minister went to the convocation ceremony of Visva Bharati University, a young man came straight to him on the stage and touched his feet. He had no pass or security clearance. He could even be suicidal.

December like this 2017 The Prime Minister had gone to Noida to inaugurate the metro line and two police personnel running in front of his convoy had turned around at the wrong turn., Because of which the Prime Minister’s convoy went on the wrong track and was stuck in a jam for two-three minutes. The fourth incident is from Maharashtra, where the prime minister 2014 I went to the oath ceremony of Devendra Fadnavis. Even then a person broke the security cordon and reached the stage near the Prime Minister. Apart from this, how many times has the Prime Minister himself broken the protocol. Recently, when he had gone to inaugurate the Kashi Corridor, he met people in the streets of Banaras and people showered flowers on him. After midnight they also went to Banaras station. think, Why was there never a narrative of threat to the life of the Prime Minister if the security cordon was broken or protocol was broken before?, Twice it is a minor thing for unknown people to reach the Prime Minister on the stage., But at that time it was not said that anyone had hatched a conspiracy to kill the Prime Minister.

This time the Prime Minister himself made this narrative. Despite the bad weather, he himself went for a rally in Punjab. His new plane is very big and safe, so he reached Bathinda comfortably but there was no condition to fly helicopter from there, so he himself decided to go to Firozpur by road and when he had to return due to farmers’ movement on the way, he himself He told the police officers of the state- We reached the Bathinda airport alive after saying thank you to our CM. think, what a shame, Should the prime minister talk like this in front of police and administration officials?, He himself could have told this to the CM. But by saying this publicly, he gave such a message, Like the state government and other forces were conspiring to kill him and he has come back alive with great difficulty.

That’s why it seems that this time for a specific purpose, a life-threatening narrative has been made. Till now Hindus and Hindutva were in danger and now the life of its only protector Narendra Modi is in danger. think, How can the majority of Hindus be agitated by this! Before the elections of Uttar Pradesh and four other states, it seems that if no other issue seems to be clicking, then a campaign of threat to life has been started. It is true that there should be no compromise on the security of the Prime Minister, but it is equally true that the Prime Minister should not make political use of the matter of his life’s security. If security is compromised in Punjab then it should be investigated and the culprits should be punished, but in this name to make people emotional and think of getting votes., There is no good political precedent.

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