Time for new leaders to emerge!

yes, yes 2022 In this year, new leaders will be making a splash. Narendra Modi’s art will decline and new satraps, new leaders will emerge. The sentiment was about Narendra Modi, Yogi Adityanath and Amit Shah two years ago. 2024 And 2029 And 2034 For the general elections till date, the Hindu was forming a queue of Prime Ministers. That feeling is now at that political stage in which the Mahamrityunjay Yagya of political and personal life has started for Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself, and the caste equations are becoming powerful in Uttar Pradesh. Akhilesh Yadav, Arvind Kejriwal, Charanjit Singh Channi have become a challenge for Modi even without coming forward. The elections to the Legislative Assemblies have suddenly become a nightmare for the BJP. This is when the opposition is scattered. The opposition has neither media nor money. Nor does it have the politics of Hindu-Muslim religion, nor does it have any record like the seven year old Modi model of distributing charity and freebies. What’s more, the opposition does not even have strong MLAs like BJP and organizational machinery to fight elections.,

Despite this, what a wonderful thing whether it is Uttarakhand or Goa or Uttar Pradesh, the ruling ministers and MLAs are running away from the ship of BJP. As if the ship of BJP is about to sink. The situation in Punjab is 70 Even seven hundred people did not come to listen to Modi for a thousand chairs. Wherever Manipur is concerned, there is a BJP on hire alliance anyway.

This does not mean that the days of opposition have come. What is happening is the emergence of new faces which will surely dent the invincibility of Narendra Modi. as a result 2024 It is not impossible by the time that when Hindu politics becomes a ruckus like drowning, then the Sangh Parivar does not understand what to do.

Think, there will be a fight in Punjab between Congress vs AAP, Neither BJP, nor Badal nor Amarendra Singh. Charanjit Channi and Arvind Kejriwal, Congress vs AAP will be an electoral battle. Similarly, in Uttar Pradesh, a lone Akhilesh Yadav fighting directly in front of Modi-Shah-Yogi, Understand this nuance that elections are not life and death for Akhilesh but for Narendra Modi. Modi-Shah-Yogi is for all three. Mayawati out, Owaisi out, Congress out and a lone Akhilesh Yadav standing directly in front of Narendra Modi.

So if Akhilesh punctures the BJP’s balloon or even brings a chance for Modi-Shah to form the government, then what will be the effect ahead of him?, Similarly, with regard to Congress and Rahul-Priyanka Gandhi, people may have believed that they have no meaning in front of Modi, but if the BJP is punctured in Uttarakhand, Goa and Manipur, then it will really die in the assembly elections at the end of the year. Will be fighting

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