Turkey announces response to an attack on “Euphrates Shield” in northern Syria

The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced that it responded to an attack launched by Kurdish forces in the “Euphrates Shield” area in northern Syria.

In a statement published by the Anatolia Agency, the Turkish Defense stated that the Turkish forces “neutralised” 6 members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in northern Syria, and also targeted “specific terrorist” sites.

This came in response to an attack that targeted, last Thursday, an ambulance that was on its way to help in the area of ​​the “Euphrates Shield” operation .

The Turkish Ministry of Defense announced late last month that it had responded to an attack by firing towards the area of ​​the “Euphrates Shield” operation in northern Syria.

Last month, an attack occurred on a military vehicle belonging to the Turkish forces in the countryside of Aleppo, killing two soldiers and wounding others, while the Turkish authorities vowed to continue the campaign against terrorism in northern Syria .

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In 2016, the Turkish army launched the “Euphrates Shield” operation in northern Syria, against the Kurdish forces, as it managed to regain control of swaths of land.

The Turkish forces are present in several areas in northern Syria, following 3 military operations it launched, in cooperation with the armed opposition factions, against the Kurdish forces and ISIS, namely the “Euphrates Shield”, “Olive Branch” and “Spring of Peace”.

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