Urgent military action by the British army in Yemen

A squad of British special forces has arrived in Yemen to track down the militants behind the drone attack on the Mercer Street.

According to the British newspaper, “Express”, 40 soldiers of the British special forces arrived in eastern Yemen, through al-Ghaidha airport in the city of al-Mahra, noting that the division includes a special unit in electronic warfare specialized in it that can deploy resources to eavesdrop on communications.

The newspaper added that the unit works with the US Special Operations Force, which was already present in the region and helps train elite Saudi commando units.

General Nick Carter, the commander of Britain’s armed forces, called for Western response to the attack, which killed Adrian Underwood, a former British soldier working for the British company “Ambrey” to provide security for the ship, and its Romanian captain.

It is believed that the militants of the “Ansar Allah” group carried out the attack on the ship by order of Iran.

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American and Israeli intelligence believes that the drone was launched from eastern Yemen and was guided by the Global Positioning System (GPS) towards the tanker before the operator took control of the last mile, directing the missile through the camera to the ship’s bridge.


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