Usman Rao is one of the youngest digital marketer with his astute business acumen and creativity

While technology is increasing in the world, India is also not behind, The youth here have a lot of passion to be successful, Today we are going to talk about Usman Rao who achieved great success at a very young age everyone is desperate to be like him

One who impressed out of the top digital marketing experts in india, Usman Rao is a resident of Saharanpur & studied at CCS University of Meerut Due to the hard work of his name was included in top 10 youngests Entrepreneur of Uttar Pradesh. Usman Rao founder of Jelly143, which promotes brands and Individuals and helps them get desired results in a limited time. At the age of 23, he is his own boss & is making enough money to make himself happy,

Usman Rao saw something that could possibly change his life forever. He created an YouTube Channel and soon started earning a considerable income, he is the expert of the trade and runs multiple YouTube channels and Instagram pages. From an early age he had a zest for more and his secret to achieving such massive success is simple and straight. 

Usman says that when he started his setup, he did not even tell his family members.Only family members knew that online works, When Usman’s name came in the top 10 and came in the news, after that his family proud of him.

Usman Rao is a unique digital market expert of india & Entrepreneur. His way of working in digital marketing is advanced. Many top overseas people and companies agree & follow in his footsteps. He uses media for digital marketing; It’s a new trend started by entrepreneur Usman founder of Jelly143 His way of working helps brands rank in all the search engines and also create trust in the market.

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As an expert, Usman Rao guides people to promote their work using various platforms. Traditional SEO is now not a trustable process in today’s time, To rank in google with no data of you creates doubt in people’s minds. Usman Rao helps clients create a valid image on the online platform

You can follow him on Instagram @usmanrao__


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