What happened that Narendra Modi started ‘stammering’ in front of the whole world

Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi had to stop his speech in the middle for some time. It is being said that the teleprompter of Prime Minister Modi giving a speech at the World Economic Forum suddenly stopped. After which Prime Minister Modi was left stunned. He gestured to the people present there to fix the teleprompter. The teleprompter looks like a TV on which the script comes written. That is, what to say is written on the teleprompter.

The PM gets upset and asks World Economic Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab whether the voice is coming.
Chairman Claus says there is a voice, thousands of people are listening to you, you speak.
But due to the bad teleprompter of PM Modi, he has difficulty in reading. But as soon as the teleprompter is fixed, PM Modi starts his address. He addressed the World Economic Forum for about half an hour. And in the seventh minute the teleprompter broke down.

As soon as the video went viral, the opposition started targeting PM Modi. Congress leader Radhika Khera tweeted that is this the reason why PM does not hold press conferences.

This incident proved one thing. Those who thought that the Prime Minister was a very good orator, they came to know today that Modi does not speak by himself but by reading what is written. And the biggest thing is that when the machine stopped running due to some reason, he started stammering on a forum like World Economic Forum and could not speak a word about India to himself.

Speaking at the summit, PM Modi said that India, which is celebrating its 75th year of independence and also administering 156 crore vaccine doses in the country, has gifted the world a bouquet of hope. . PM Modi said, “This bouquet contains full faith in democracy, the technology that will empower the 21st century, the talent and nature of Indians.”

The Prime Minister has not held a single press conference for 8 years. Every speech is read by teleprompter. In front, such a screen on the right and left in which the script is written. Then whether it is on the stage of a political speech, on an election platform or as a PM addressing abroad, Narendra Modi uses teleprompter everywhere. He will not be able to do this in the press conference because there will be questions from journalists and Modi will have to answer them directly.

Several people on Twitter shared the video for a joke, some of the tweets are below.

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