Yellow and red cards for FIFA World Cup 2022, know what are the rules this time

With the commencement of the FIFA World Cup, the wait of football lovers is over. In one of the world’s biggest sports event, FIFA World Cup 2022, some special rules are also made so that the players do not make any mistake during the match.
Let us tell you that there are total 11-11 players in each team for a football match. In the game both teams have a goal keeper to guard their goal posts. In football, opposing teams repeatedly try to score a goal into the goal post, while the goalkeeper tries to stop it. A football match is of total 90 minutes. This 90-minute match is divided into two halves of 45-45 minutes each. However, sometimes the game is played for more than 90 minutes, for which there can be many reasons.
Rail and yellow card is given
During the match players have to follow many rules. In football, the rules are followed through red and yellow cards. These cards are given under the rules when there is a foul. Apart from this, if there is a foul then offside is followed. A player in offside may not pass in front of another player without defending the ball. If a player does this near the goal line of the opposing team, it is considered a foul.
Apart from this, red and yellow cards are also given to the player for fouling. A yellow card is given in FIFA. If the referee sees a player misbehaving, he can give a yellow card to the player. After getting the yellow card, the player has to sit out of the field. In such a situation, getting a yellow card can be very harmful for any team. Actually, if a player has got a yellow card, then no other player is allowed to go in his place, that is, the team plays the match with a shortage of one player.
At the same time, the red card is also given to the player for misbehavior. If any player gets a red card then he is also out of the next match. Apart from this, in many cases, FIFA also imposes additional fines on the players who get the card. Explain that according to the rules of football, if a team is shown 5 red cards, then the match ends. No match of football can be played with less than seven players.

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