You can now split your expenses on Google Pay: Here’s how to use it!

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We love going out with friends on a long drive but calculating and splitting expenses equally is a tough part. The latest update of Google Pay (GPay) makes it easier for us. Recently, we got a number of updates including, tap-to-pay and wearOS support, now it’s time for the Split bill feature. It was announced a month back at Google for India 2021 event. It was first tested in Singapore and later released in the US, now arriving in India. 

Till now, to split the bill I was using some third-party apps, but the manual process was time taking and I am bad at calculations, so this new update is very handy for me.

gpay split bill

How to Split the Bill?

Google Pay allows you to create a group with your friends. Here’s how to do that.

  • Click on New Payment > New Group.
  • Add people and name the group.
  • Now, click on ‘Split an expense’ and enter the total amount.
  • Click on next and Send Request.
  • Done!

The bill will be split equally and a request will be sent to all the contacts to pay.  The UI is informative. It visually shows how much is paid and how much is left. You can close the request anytime if you change your mind. 

You can keep the group permanent or delete it or modify it by removing or adding any Google Pay user. One limitation of this feature is that all your friends should be using GPay. If any of them are using any other payment app then you will have to rely on other bill splitter apps. 

Google might also add an option to automatically split monthly expenses. It will be useful to split monthly subscriptions of Netflix or YouTube Premium. My experience with this new update was enjoyable. Will you try it?

Vedant Dave

Co-Founder at People News Chronicle

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