High curse: New Portuguese scaffold not for the timid

AROUCA, Portugal — It’s presumably best on the off chance that you brace yourself before you peer down from the Arouca Bridge.

The thin footbridge suspended across a stream gully in northern Portugal professes to be the world’s longest common scaffold and was authoritatively introduced Sunday.

The Arouca Bridge offers a half-kilometer (just about 1,700-foot) stroll across its range, along a metal walkway suspended from links. Approximately 175 meters (574 feet) underneath, the Paiva River courses through a cascade.

Arouca lies 300 kilometers (186 miles) north of Lisbon, the Portuguese capital. Nearby occupants got a first stroll on the scaffold a week ago. Many were excited — even as some let it be known was somewhat frightening to feel so high up and uncovered.

High jinx: New Portuguese bridge not for the faint-hearted

Guinness World Records says on its site that the world’s longest engineered overpass for people on foot is Japan’s Kokonoe Yume Bridge, which opened in 2006 and ranges 390 meters (1,280 feet). In any case, the Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge, which opened in the Swiss Alps in 2017, challenges that mark at 494 meters (1,621 feet).

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The Arouca Bridge cost 2.3 million euros ($2.8 million) to fabricate. Youngsters under age 6 are not permitted on it and all visits will be joined by guides.

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